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I finally found a decent sized image of YUKI's pink bordered P&P card!

  (plz click to see larger)

*insert loud fangirl squee*

I really, really like this picture of him (though I wasn't expecting the pinstripes), and I can't stop gushing over it. I do have to admit though, seeing him wear white is a bit disorienting. His costumes are, for the most part, dark, and what I've seen of his casual dress is dark as well. So seeing him in something this light is a bit odd.

Wait. That makes no sense! The waiter outfit he wore for the 2008 calendar had a white shirt too! ...Why then does this picture still seem so unusual to me?

*sigh* I don't know why! It just is. Maybe it's the style. Maybe not. But I still love this pic.

And my absolute favorite thing in this image? YUKI's smile. :3

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I'm tempted to make a Versailles mood theme. Why am I tempted? Is it even within my talents to do so?

Either way, journal's getting an new layout in a bit.
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I... had a bad dream last night. About the bassist for Versailles, Jasmine You. I dreamed that he had died.

On August 3rd, the band announced that he was sick, both physically and mentally, and that he had been taking a break from recording their newest album.

Then today, August 9th, Versailles updated their homepage with a post saying that Jasmine-san had died early this morning (their time).

Isn't it strange? My dream came true, and I wish it hadn't.

EDIT: Translation of the OHP post


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