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It looks weird cause I'm laying down and my laptop is in my lap.
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So I joined the ranks of the Atlus Faithful last night/this morning at 4 am and recieved the best email EVER for joining a mailing list. EVER. Seriously. Though it may just be my deluded mind talking...

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Ryoji: Schizo just got her wisdom teeth out, so for the next few days any and all posts/comments are delegated for me, Ryoji Mochizuki, and Yosuke Hanamura to type out while she sleeps.

Yosuke: Slave driver.

*I hit him with a paper fan*

Ryoji: :3
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Not having internet sucks. I mean, really sucks. But, about once a week I'm here at my grandparents and have the nets! So I can read up on the latest chapters of Bleach, Naruto, KHR, and what ever else I'm reading. But mainly those three.

And the newest chapter of KHR!!!! *squee* Bloody TYL!Hibari makes me a happy girl. And then POOF! Normal!Hibari! Go, kick the Phantom Knight's ass!

I also like the cover for the chapter. We needs more Kyoko and Haru.
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Today started out great. My mom woke me up, we went and had breakfast, had our normal arguments, then we went for a drive. As we were comming back into Marquette my nose started bleeding. Not fun.

Anyway, Mom told me we were going to go to Wal-Mart to get me milk and a vaporizer because it was so dry in my room, which is why, says she, my nose was bleeding. I tell her that I don't need one and if she does get me one, I'm never going to use it. So she starts screaming at me, telling me this and that. I'll admit willingly that she is a nusre and probably knows what she's talking about, but I will NEVER use a vaporizer. EVER.

So the rest of the ride is dead silent, as my mom turned off the radio (I had a headphone in, but that doesn't really count). Then when we gt into town I got another lecture, this time being if I can't adjust my meal plan next semmester, then I can't stay in the dorms, and that I should, in my mom's words, "Drop that fucking class." (AKA Art and Arch. of Japan).

Needless to say I'm not in a god mood right now and am seriously thinking about not going to LARP tonight because I don't want to deal with a lot of people.

I need a hug...
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I played extreme tag with a bunch of other people from my dorm last night and now I'm sore as heck. As such, I didn't go to my first two classes. When I finally did get out of bed this morning, I almost fell because my legs didn;'t want to support my weight. I've also got a decent bruise on my leg. But it was so much fun. My RA took a pic of all of us afterwards. I'll try to get a copy of it, because it's awesome. Even better was that because we had eleven people playing, it counts as a shouse event! Cool.
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I have a midterm tomorrow. :(  I don't wanna!

Other then that I'm really bored, cause I'm not studying. Not to mention there's going to be a firedrill in about... *looks at clock* ...twenty minutes.
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I have an exam in an hour. I dont' want to have an exam in an hour. I want to sleep.

Kami: You can't sleep. You should be studying.

If you weren't my acting conscience I'd kick you out...Ahhhhh, sleeeeeeeeep....................
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 Anime club is in two hours. I want it to be then because I'm so bored.... Maybe I should play my Malice Mizer l'espace tape and scare my roommate again with them in their Illuminati version 2 costumes... Neither she nor one of my suitemates seem to understand that they aren't in those costumes the entire tape! Gaaah~

My roommate also says that my Malice Mizer corner is a shrine. I told her it would be a shrine if I printed out all of my favorite pictures of the members and put them on the wall. As it is, I don't have any wallspace in my Malice Mizer corner, having put up a wallscroll (Merveilles), three posters (Merveilles, Au Revoir, and Illuminati version 1), and a set of smaller individual Bel Air posters.
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Went  and saw Good Luck Chuck with some friends since it was one of their birthday's. I didn't like the movie, and all through it I felt sick. I still feel sick...


Oct. 13th, 2007 11:27 am
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I'm in class, freezing, hungry, and my foot is asleep. I want us to have our break (since class is nearly four hours long), not to mention there's still an hour of class left. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

On a happier note, [personal profile] pollinia is comming over and we shall have CUPCAKES!!!
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Yay! My cupcakes were a sucess! Everyone who had one really like it. *is happy*

Right now I should be studying for my Mythology class, but I'm just to lazy. Plus, my friend Gaku-chan and I finally started the fourth chapter of the story we've been working on. Yay! Original works of fiction with a lot of real people are fun. 

EDIT: Oh, the irony. In the mood I'm currently in, peaceful, Kami is wearing his Au Revoir outfit. AND I just happen to be listening to Au Revoir right now. Creeepy...
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Here I am, back home, with two plates of cupcakes and one of the magazines I ordered from eBay. Such shiny pictures of Malice Mizer in their Le Ciel costumes.

[[personal profile] pollinia , I'm free after 1 in the afternoon tomorrow (as I have Saturday class). Come over and we shall enjoy the cupcakes together!] 
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 It's Friday, I have no class, and I'm BAKING!!! Woot. I don't know the name of whatever it is I'm baking, but it looks good. A cream cheese mixture with chocolate chips over a chocolate bottom. It looks very yummy. I just have to wait twenty minutes or so untill it's don'e cooking. I got the recipie from a forum I frequent.


Oct. 11th, 2007 04:44 pm
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...for it to be 8 already so I can watch Good Eats, then Pucca.

I also want my wrist to stop hurting. *glares at wrist*


Oct. 11th, 2007 10:40 am
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I finished the exam. *falls to the grond and starts twitching* Good god, please never again!

Most of the info sorta wasn't in my brain, so I was going on gut instinct, and on the identification questions I only knew khanate.

I think I'm gonna pass out 'til English now.... 
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 I was studying, then I paused to rest my eyes and back.... and ended up falling asleep. Bad me! Now I can't focus on anything.

Damn, I just want to go to sleep....
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 *stretches* Now is the time to get to studying...
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 I should be studying for my History exam. Am I? Nope. I'm playing with/uploading the Kami moods I found. And I'm not even half way done.

I'm so screwed...


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