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Okay. I don't like Byakuran. I really don't like him. But in that coat? aerhadstfhesth *dies*

*revives* *laugh* Awww, Uri sleeps in the dryer! Hopefully while it's not running. And... I'm starting to think Shouichi's really cute...

And that full spread... with them all in uniform... edfagjdsfkgasf *dies again*
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Squaloooooo! And his gift of tuna. :D

D: Yama-chan lost a tooth. Damn, you're brutal, Squalo! But that's how you always are.

And the Bianchi/Haru hug was so cute!!!

*murders computer* Stop freezing, goddamn you!!!!!!!! *shakes fist*
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Well, Kyoko finally knows.

...And I just have one other thing to say about the newest chapter... ... ... ...bath scene with the girls... :3
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*cackle* The girls. They are aware. :3 Go Kyoko and Haru! Show them boys who's in charge!
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Okay, best way to end a day. I've spent eleven hours in a car, get to Ponca, get picked up by Dad, get a wireless router, hook it up, and find a newly translated chap of KHR. LIFE IS GOOD.

...Oh, Ryohei and your extreme rant. :3


Fuuta, so tall... o_O




BASIL!!!!! *ear shattering squee of DOOM*
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Oh, elements, chap 220 of KHR. I has a new fave character naos, yesh. Even though they've just been introduced. But Fran's interaction with Bel is beautiful. And Bel's still crazy as ever. Never change, Prince the Ripper. Never change.

And Xanxus. And beef. *dies*

I needs a Bel icon.
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Not having internet sucks. I mean, really sucks. But, about once a week I'm here at my grandparents and have the nets! So I can read up on the latest chapters of Bleach, Naruto, KHR, and what ever else I'm reading. But mainly those three.

And the newest chapter of KHR!!!! *squee* Bloody TYL!Hibari makes me a happy girl. And then POOF! Normal!Hibari! Go, kick the Phantom Knight's ass!

I also like the cover for the chapter. We needs more Kyoko and Haru.
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Keeping up with manga is hard. I'm reading Bleach, Naruto, and KHR, which are being updated weekly, while also trying to read all of Rurouni Kenshin.

But the newest chapter of KHR makes me so happy! *squee* With Kuromu-chan's appearance at the end of chapter 200, I was like, "When's Kyoya-kun  showing up?!?! *grumble*" And then he shows up at the end of chap 202. Yay! But now I have to wait a week for the next chapter. Boo!

Bleach is good. Ulliquora has finally drawn his sword! ^_^ And Naruto-kun-aniki and his food analogies. *shakes head in amusement* And Sasuke-kun-nii. *murs* ^_^

On a totally unrelated note, I loves my giddy Kyoya-kun mood. :D
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Just caught up on the three newest chapters of KHR. *squee* And the full color spread in chap 199... :3 *louder squee* Everyone! Vongola, Millefore, Varia, Dino, all those that are TYL. *cheers for TYL!Chikusa and TYL!Ken* But then Genkishi in chap 200... *hiss* Mukuro's 100 times better then you. And finally.... KUROMU-CHAN! *squees again*
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So, I've recently been on a HUGE Katekyo Hitman Reborn kick, having plowed through all the available chapters and 35 episodes of the anime (load episode 36!) in just over a week. Thank you Am-chan ([personal profile] pollinia)for suggesting it to me!

I love most of the characters (Hibari, TYL!Lambo, and Mukuro at the top of the list), and while watching the anime, more characters are growing on me. And I just realized that Basil is freaking adorable!!! *squee* And Fuuta is so cute!

Edit: Happy birthday, Kami-san!


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