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Mmmmm, Hellsing Ultimate IV. Is as good as the last two. Schrodinger's voice is very good, and Kari actually sang in German for Rip. Very well, too! I'm actually liking Rip a lot more in general just because of how well Kari does her voice.

And, gott, Rip's death scene is amazing.
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I've just got done watching Hellsing Ultimate II and II in English, and omg so pretty and bloody, and fucking awesome. Jan's such a potty mouth, and some of the things added into the English version are hilarious, and Luke's English voice is delightfully similar to the Japanese (Ko~ya~SU! :3). Over all, I think the ADR was done much better on this one. Ultimate I seemed very rushed.

As for III... Yuri and his awesome French accent for Pip. He's in everything these days (not that I'm complaining. Pharos and Ryoji and Yousuke!). And the bellhop, who I thought was a girl in the manga, is actually a guy, and is voiced by Liam O'Brien, and zomg, for such a short scene his voice is just. *wibble* And with Crispin Freeman's as Alucard, just... *blissful sigh* The wonderful not-so-thinly-veiled sexual suggestiveness. And the way the English Intergra says to read Bram Stoker for more information on how to deal with vampires."For further instructions, consult Bram Stoker. *coy smile*" *fans self* And there is actual German dialogue in it too! O_O Wow...

I also have to say the accents are really well done, too. British, French, German (lords, the clip of Rip I saw from IV), Italian, and... Spanish? Brazillian, whatever.

I also have to wonder... I hate gory movies, but I love Hellsing, and it's filled with blood, and dismemberment, and flying entrails. ...Weird.


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