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This... is what happens when I'm bored. *laugh*

Power Rangers Teams

Mighty Morphin/Zeo/Turbo/Astro

Jason Lee Scott
First Red Morphin Ranger

Zack Taylor
First Black Morphin Ranger

Billy Cranston
Blue Morphin Ranger/Blue Wolf

Kimberly Ann Hart
Pink Morphin Ranger/First Pink Crane

Trini Kwan
First Yellow Morphin Ranger

Tommy Oliver
Green Morphin Ranger/White Morphin Ranger/White Falcon/Red Zeo Ranger/First Red Turbo Ranger

Rocky DeSantos
Second Red Morphin Ranger/Red Ape/Blue Zeo Ranger

Adam Park
Second Black Morphin Ranger/Black Frog/Green Zeo Ranger/First Green Turbo Ranger

Aisha Campbell
Second Yellow Morphin Ranger/Yellow Bear

Katherine Hillard
Second Pink Crane/Pink Zeo Ranger/First Pink Turbo Ranger

Tanya Sloan
Yellow Zeo Ranger/First Yellow Turbo Ranger

Justin Stewart
Blue Turbo Ranger

Theodore 'TJ' Johnson
Second Red Turbo Ranger/Blue Astro Ranger

Carlos Vallerte
Second Green Turbo Ranger/Black Astro Ranger

Ashley Hammond
Second Yellow Turbo Ranger/Yellow Astro Ranger

Cassie Chan
Second Pink Turbo Ranger/Pink Astro Ranger

Red Astro Ranger

Silver Astro Ranger

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Leo Corbett
Red Galaxy Ranger

Damon Henderson
Green Galaxy Ranger

Kai Chen
Blue Galaxy Ranger

Maya Zephyr
Yellow Galaxy Ranger

Kendrix Morgan
First Pink Galaxy Ranger

Second Pink Galaxy Ranger

Mike Corbett
Second Magma Defender

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Carter Grayson
Red Lightspeed Ranger

Chad Lee
Blue Lightspeed Ranger

Joel Rawlings
Green Lightspeed Ranger

Kelsey Winslow
Yellow Lightspeed Ranger

Dana Mitchell
Pink Lightspeed Ranger

Ryan Mitchell
Titanium Ranger

Power Rangers Time Force

Wesley Collins
Second Red Time Force Ranger

Lucas Kendall
Blue Time Force Ranger

Jen Scotts
Pink Time Force Ranger

Katie Walker
Yellow Time Force Ranger

Green Time Force Ranger

Eric Myers
Quantum Ranger

Power Rangers Wild Force

Cole Evans
Red Lion Ranger

Taylor Eahardt
Yellow Eagle Ranger

Max Cooper
Blue Shark Ranger

Danny Delgado
Black Bison Ranger

Alyssa Enrile
White Tiger Ranger

Merrik Baliton
Lunar Wolf Ranger

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Shane Clark
Red Wind Ranger

Waldo 'Dustin' Brooks
Yellow Wind Ranger

Tori Hansen
Blue Wind Ranger

Hunter Bradley
Crimson Thunder Ranger

Blake Bradley
Navy Thunder Ranger

Cameron Watanabe
Green Samurai Ranger

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Connor McKnight
Red Dino Ranger

Ethan James
Blue Dino Ranger

Kira Ford
Yellow Dino Ranger

Dr. Thomas Oliver
Black Dino Ranger

Trent Fernandez
White Dino Ranger

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Jack Landors
First Red B-Squad Ranger

Schuyler Tate
First Blue B-Squad Ranger/Second Red B-Squad Ranger

Bridge Carson
Green B-Squad Ranger/Second Blue B-Squad Ranger/Third Red B-Squad Ranger

Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado
Yellow B-Squad Ranger

Sydney 'Syd' Drew
Pink B-Squad Ranger

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Nick Russell
Red Mystic Ranger

Charlie 'Chip' Thorn
Yellow Mystic Ranger

Madison Rocca
Blue Mystic Ranger

Vida Rocca
Pink Mystic Ranger

Xander Bly
Green Mystic Ranger

Former White Mystic Ranger

Solaris Knight

Wolf Warrior

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Power Rangers RPM

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