Apr. 15th, 2011

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 So... I haven't posted in a while... XD

Major news; job going well, going to MTAC (the local anime con to me) next week. ABSOLUTELY BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS AT THE NEWS OF A SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI PANEL AT MTAC~

I like MegaTen. A lot. <.< >.>

I also imported my first ever game, Persona 2: Innocent Sin (part of the MegaTen cohesive~ :D). That said, I've been playing it a bit and muddling my way though cause I can only read a grand total of 4 words in the entire game at the moment. And those words happen to be save, load, yes, and no. X3 I've played through the translation patch Gemini and Tom put out a few years ago though, so I should be pretty good. Considering I never changed personas. At all. EVER.

As for the mini soundtrack that came with it, I quite like it. It has 10 tracks, separated into four categories; remix side, original side, another side, and arrange side. The tracks under remix side are: unbreakable tie (Opening theme [short Ver.], Abandoned Factory, and Gatten Sushi. Original side is CD Shop - Giga Macho, Ginko's Theme (Sad), and Velvet Room (#2). Another side is... something I'm not quite sure of (敵の負けたとき - google spits out 'when the enemy lost' which I don't recognize) and Persona Ondo, which... I was completely not expecting. Finally, arrange side is Fighting and Knights of the Holy Lance.

The two remixed tracks are very nice. I'm actually quite liking the remixed music in the game, considering I'm not all that fond of the original soundtrack. Original songs are nice. As for another side, I can't place track 7 (敵の負けたとき) but track 8... track 8 is crack, plain and simple. It's Innocent Sin's main character (Tatsuya Suou)'s seiyuu Takehito Koyasu singing this happy, cracktastic sounding song, while Tatsuya is... not as chirppy as the song. XD I do love the song for the crack factor though~
And for the arranged songs, both are brilliant. I will admit to the original normal battle theme getting on my nerves most of the time, but the arrange version here is very nice, and Knights of the Holy Lance is AMAZING. The original is one of the few tracks I really, really liked from the original PlayStation soundtrack, and this one is wonderful. I can't wait to hear how the remix one in the game sounds.
And now I need to stop rambling. And like sleep. Or something. :P


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